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Jon is currently performing at retirement homes in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas. His shows focus on songs from the Great American Songbook, the great popular music written from the 1920s to the 1950s. The residents love to hear these songs from their childhood days. Click on SHOWS to learn more.

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Your singing is like warm honey in a cup of really tasty tunes. Two thumbs up!
— Mady Kaye, Jazz & Cabaret Vocalist

"Me and Francine" is the perfect mood-setter for waking up with coffee and relaxing at night.  Jon's track two, "Forever in Love" is a perfect choice for when you want to have a dance with your sweetie.  Stellar vocals, excellent musicianship and arrangements. The long wait for Jon to memorialize his music was well worth it.  Congratulations, Jon!
— Emily Higgins, Singer/Songwriter

Hi Jon, Thanks for the CD. You guys did a great job and we really liked the songs. I didn't know you were such a good singer. Congratulations! 
— Christopher McGuire, classical guitarist

I really enjoyed your CD. … You should be proud, my friend. Great writing and performing and a really good studio sound as well.
— Tom Faulkner, Singer/Songwriter

Thanks for the CD—I really have enjoyed listening to it. I very much appreciate your writing, voice and relaxed approach, which come through in the songs.
— Roland Elbert, pianist

I really like the CD! Great vibe, voice and tunes.
— George Anderson, Bass

Oh my goodness, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!! How truly lovely & wonderful. I could listen to those 3 songs (Forever in Love, Francine, Since You Left Me, Baby) over and over. Really lovely. Thank you for sharing, I am honored to have listened!  
— Robin Hirsch

Hi, Jon!  Just wanted to let you know that I received your CD, and the music is WONDERFUL!!!!!! What an excellent accomplishment and creative endeavor.   
— Leslie Hendricks

"Late in the Night" is just awesome. I can't sit still when I play it, because it's got such a catchy rhythm and at the same time it's soothing and comforting.  So smooth!  
— Mary Pal

Jon's CD is wonderful!  I've lent it to a musician friend of mine and he won't give it back!  I told him he needs to buy his own copy.  
— Charlee Lumsden

Jon Lumsden's enthusiastic, gentle style is an asset to a music collection. You can feel that he loves to sing and play on every track. He's very serious about his songs, even if some of them are just plain fun. All songs have the common bond of his sweet natured, tangible delivery, applied to a variety of styles within. Continuity is strong, regardless of what style influenced the arrangements and the songwriting. 

A very clever, light Latin beat tinged opening, "Breaking My Heart" gives the listener a sense of a creative mellow excursion that is to follow, and it's a pleasant memorable introduction to the man and his music. All that follows lives up to the promise. Whether it's another with a Latin feel, like "Latin Lovers," a modern take on the Kalmar/Ruby sense of innocence and forlorn with a small dose of witticism as "Forever In Love," or the country and Mexican feel of "That Old Memory," it's all Jon Lumsden being his one-of-a-kind self. His rendering is endearing. 

One song, "Josephine," comes on like the Nat King Cole Trio at first, then it swings and lets loose while remaining rooted to the brilliantly sparse musician lineup that swings like a big band. That song too is clever and lightly humorous. 

He picks up where the California sounds of the 1970s left off with "It Would Be So Easy," a mode that is complimentary to Lumsden's song delivery. The New Orleans jazz number "Francine" slows things down a bit, and turns out to be the most heartfelt song. "Since You Left Me Baby," intentional or not, picks up on the spirit of Ivory Joe Hunter, as a follow-up to "Since I Met You Baby" and "I Almost Lost My Mind." It's written with the same lightweight bluesy nature. It also contains some beautiful call and response with sax player Chris McGuire. 

In the tradition of THE BEATLES (WHITE ALBUM), we get a lullaby to close the day titled "Close Your Eyes," a positive, happy note with a little traditional early rock-and-roll feel. Jon Lumsden is a name I hope to hear from in the future.
— Aaron "Smokey" Arnold